Conservative care

Treatment of tooth decay

From the earliest age, your teeth are part of your health capital.


The preservation of the patients’ natural teeth is of the upmost priority of La Clinique Quai du Mont-Blanc 19, and it is an essential component in determining the choice of treatment and the establishment of the treatment plan.


Conservative treatment is usually indicated to restore the integrity of a tooth that has been altered due to decay. Conservative treatment only applies if it is possible and advisable to keep the tooth alive.


The goal of conservative dental treatments is to eliminate the cause of tooth damage (tooth decay) by removing as little dental matter as possible and reconstruct the tooth to restore its morphology and function.


The tooth is cured and regains a proper morphology and function.

Treatment process

The treatment consists first of all in caring for the tooth by treating the decay which is eliminated by means of a bur. So that the patient can feel completely comfortable, this treatment is done under local anaesthesia.

The volume of the cavity is then filled with a specific filling material.

We distinguish between “plastic” conservative treatments using composite resins, and “prosthetic” treatments using inlays.

Today, most caries cavities are treated with composites. Of various colours, these are very aesthetic and resistant, they can last a good ten years, if the decay has been well treated and the hygiene of the patient is satisfactory.

Inlays are often made of ceramic. We manufacture them on-site, in our clinic, using 3D CAD-CAM technology.

The choice between the two types of treatment depends on the loss of dental substance, and therefore on the size of the decay, but also on the cost. The cost of a dental inlay is higher than the cost of a composite, but its durability and strength are more important.

Our advice

What to do before treatment?
The dentist will carry out a check to evaluate the treatment to be performed. He may, for example, perform an X-ray.

What to do after treatment?
The dentist will give his recommendations based on the patient’s situation, needs and dental hygiene habits.

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