Teeth realignment


The Orthodontist of La Clinique Quai du Mont-Blanc 19 offers first-rate treatments for adults.


To offer a complete range of treatments and care for health and cosmetic dentistry, the clinic carries out orthodontic treatments of excellence for adults.


The treatments are carried out in partnership with an internationally renowned orthodontist specialist, Invisalign expert.


An orthodontic treatment allows the realignment of the teeth and so meets several important objectives

  • prevention of dental malposition causing aesthetic discomfort
  • prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis by reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar so improving dental hygiene
  • prevention of neuro-muscular disorders and dysfunctions of the articulation of the jaw.

Treatment process

An orthodontic treatment plan is carried out following a complete clinical analysis including: photography, panoramic digital radiology and digital imprint of the jaws. Its duration, cost and protocol depend on the clinical case.

During treatment, a check-up and a dental hygiene session are recommended every three months.

After the treatment, a stabilisation of the teeth is necessary to guarantee the durability of the result. It is carried out either by means of a compression thread or by means of a transparent aligners to be worn at night. The choice between one and the other stabilising techniques will be determined between the patient and the dentist.

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