Gum infection and receding gums

Periodontology and
Gum Diseases

A healthy periodontium is a necessary condition for maintaining a good dentition as long as possible, and so preventing receding gums.


cause of receding gums


of the population suffers from periodontal problems


of dentists specialise in periodontics


of heavy smokers will suffer from periodontal problems


Periodontics is a specialty of dentistry in its own right, which deals with the problems of the gums and the bone that supports the tooth – the two together form the periodontium.

La Clinique Quai du Mont-Blanc 19 in Geneva has advanced expertise in periodontology. Our patients receive specialised care and counselling to help them find and maintain a healthy periodontium.


Periodontal therapy is indicated for any pathology affecting the gums or bones surrounding the teeth, including gingivitis, abscesses and periodontitis.

The appearance of clinical signs such as bleeding and swelling of the gums, halitosis (bad taste in the mouth, bad breath), presence of a periodontal abscess signal the need for consultation with the dentist.

A periodontal abscess is one of the most frequent complications in periodontics. This condition is manifested by inflammation of the gums and pain during mastication. Like the periapical abscess (tooth root infection), the periodontal abscess requires an emergency dentist consultation as it can be dangerous if left untreated.

Pathologies of the periodontium can lead to early dental deformations.


Periodontal treatment allows a cleansing of the gums and bones around the tooth.


The treatment relieves the symptoms of periodontal pathology such as bleeding and swelling of the gums, bad breath and abscess.

It prevents the risk of complications such as dental infections or receding gums.

Treatment process

The nature of the treatment differs depending on the problem encountered.

For example, gingivitis is reversible and can be treated quickly and simply by a dental hygiene treatment such as dental scaling.

A periodontal abscess can be treated by radicular resurfacing that can be performed surgically or non-surgically. Antibiotic therapy may be required depending on the severity of the cases. Within two years, an ultrasound, curette and laser technique can be used to remove the bacteria responsible for the destruction of the periodontium.

Our advice

What to do before treatment?
No prior preparation is necessary.

What to do after treatment?

New dental hygiene habits will need to be taken by the patient to prevent recurrence. The dentist will perform regular periodontal check-ups and scaling every six months.

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