Dental Hygienist

Scaling without pain

Scaling involves the removal of supra and sub-gingival dental tartar, as well as plaque, by the hygienist.

6 months

recommended frequency of check-ups

6 years

recommended age for first scaling

24 h

without coffee or colouring drinks

30 min.

average time required for scaling


Tartar is a build-up of mineralised dental plaque which can no longer be removed by simple brushing of the teeth. It must therefore be eliminated by the dentist or the hygienist.

Many dental and gingival pathologies are due to tartar build-up. By causing a constant inflammation of the gums, it can in particular lead to the early loosening of the teeth.


Dental hygiene is everyone’s business, both adults and children. Scaling and check-ups by the dentist should be carried out on a regular basis in order to maintain good oral hygiene. Appointments should be made with the hygienist every 6 months


  • Early prevention and diagnosis of dental pathologies, primarily caries
  • Early prevention and diagnosis of gingival pathologies, such as gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Prevention of general pathologies for which dental pathologies are a risk factor: cardiovascular diseases for example


Our clinic, located in the centre of Geneva, offers you an automatic reminder of your next check-up by email and SMS every 6 months, which is highly appreciated by our patients.

Treatment process

Scaling can be done with ultrasound, a very effective and painless process. Its action is then completed by that of the curettes and then the air-polisher which finalises the work while giving colour and radiance to the teeth. Scaling ends with the application of a fluoridated dental paste. A detailed check is then carried out by the dentist to diagnose as soon as possible any dental or gingival pathology.

The session ends with personalised hygiene advice.

Our advice

What to do before treatment? There is nothing special to do before treatment.

What to do after treatment? 24 hours after scaling, it is advisable to avoid drinking or eating food that could stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, colouring spices.

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