Cosmetic corrections

Dental Veneers

La Clinique Quai du Mont-Blanc 19 is specialised in dental aesthetic and has got a wide range of solutions to meet the needs every patients, even the most demanding.


This wide range includes the dental veneers and jacket crowns, commonly called ceramics in reference to their constituent material.

The difference between a veneer and a ceramic jacket crown is the surface of the covered tooth: the veneer only covers the outside face of the tooth, while the ceramic jacket crown covers the entire tooth.


The installation of dental veneers can be advised in many cases, in response to cosmetic needs such as:

  • Modify the shape: teeth too short, not wide enough, too flat, closing black lines between the teeth in case of dental loosening.
  • Alignment adjustment: Although it may be modified by orthodontics, some patients will prefer to use jacket crowns or veneers that give an immediate result.
  • Recovery of white teeth: the posing of veneers or jacket crowns can be envisaged when the dental whitening cannot correct in the long-term very marked dental colourations whose cause cannot be avoided. Indeed, the veneers and jacket crowns are less sensitive than the natural teeth to the surface colourings.


The posing of veneers or jacket crowns allows obtaining a result that perfectly corresponds to the aesthetic expectations of the patient, and in a short time, allowing adjusting the shape of the teeth, their alignment and their colour.

Treatment process

The process varies depending on the type of veneers or jacket crowns chosen. This choice is made according to the clinical case. The production of veneers and jacket crowns is generally carried out in our practice using state-of-the-art technologies that allow the highest precision, reactivity and speed.

  • CAD-CAM digital optical imprint
  • In-house cutting and machining of ceramic blocks, assisted by computer. We use ceramic blocks of the highest quality in Switzerland.

Jacket crowns require a global shaping of the tooth. Some veneers do not require shaping of the tooth, using for example the VIS Swiss system.

Our advice

What to do before treatment? 

An in-depth discussion with the dentist to identify the best solution according to the needs, expectations, and the situation of the patient.

What to do after treatment? 

The dentist will provide a personalised recommendation based on the patient’s situation.

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