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Dental whitening

Our Clinic in Geneva is specialised in dental cosmetics.


number of processes for whitening teeth


average time required for a whitening in our practice


average daily time required for home-whitening treatment during a week

1 week

maximum period of avoidance of coloring food and drink, after treatment


Many whitening techniques and methods can be used to best suit your situation and needs.


Whitening is indicated to eliminate or reduce dental colourations. There can be different reasons for dental colourations:

  • Internal causes linked to the build-up of deposits (e.g. following the taking of certain antibiotics).
  • This may also be due to external causes such as smoking, drinking tea, coffee, red wine, etc.,


Dental whitening makes it possible to reduce colourations, to remove the stains, in order to reveal teeth of a lighter shade and even brighter.


Patients often ask “my teeth are yellow, how many shades of white will I gain?” It depends on the patients and the initial shade: yellow or grey. Grey teeth are more difficult to treat than yellow teeth.

Treatment process

The product commonly used is hydrogen peroxide. This product penetrates the teeth and removes the colouring particles from the teeth responsible for the yellow or grey colour.

Two methods can be used to whiten teeth:

  • In-office dental whitening. It is done in a 1H30 session. The dentist will have previously performed a dental scaling to remove tartar, plaque and surface stains. He provides protection for the gums and lips, before applying the whitening agent and leaves it under a UV light.
  • Home dental whitening using trays in which a less concentrated product is applied. This treatment is to be carried out at home. The patient wears the trays, for up to 2 to 3 hours per day, in which he has previously placed the whitening agent. He will repeat the process every day for a week.

Our advice

What to do before treatment?

The dentist will generally perform a scaling session before the whitening process, in order to clean the teeth and remove the surface stains.

What to do after treatment?

In order to obtain the best results, it is necessary to avoid consuming staining drinks and food throughout the period of dental whitening and up to a week after.

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